Accessing given password list?


Very new to uipath so here goes. My current bot is opening browser page (trello login) and I manage to use type into activity within CV Screen (scr shot).

scrshot #1

Next action is to click password box, which I can also do :slight_smile: However then (vault password list) is shown and I should select / click item from there. This I cannot access via Click Image, CV Click Text, Click mouse so question is how to select predefined password offered by password management solution in order to get access to Trello tables ?

I also tried to select password management icon from top right side, but even that didn’t work.

Best Regards, Jouni

Are u design ur process that login page will filled manually by the user or by bot?
If filled by bot means,
try with get password activity? Create one variable fr get password and pass it onto where u want, that is into password box… Or …next write string inside, and output will be secureString (password) … If manually u need to fill the login means take username and password as input dialogue activity in prop panel u need to enable Is Password then pass the variable as result

Thx from the response, I continued my trials and manage to solve issue by myself. I changed properties a bit ex. I added some delay after input and used simulated click and naturally ensured that my selector was ok.

Now my sequence is full and would need to continue to next sequence. Was thinking that I can just copy paste last click event to next sequence and magically UIPath would continue from second sequence, I hope that this is true.

Got a bit more ahead … and learned to use invoke workflow for getting to next sequence. However not uipath is saying that my first (copied) element is not initialized. Wondering how to proceed, any help to this ?

In order to indicate my progress & not to use watchers time incorrectly… it seems that I got also this done and was able to proceed.