Accessing and using PivotTable Analyze tab while creating Pivot table


We have a requirement where we need to create a report using Pivot Table functionality. I have created a basic Pivot Table with Create Pivot Table activity. The data needs to be grouped Quarterly and Yearly based on date. This can be achieved in Excel through PivotTable Analyze tab, how do I use the functionality of this tab through UiPath?

Looking for format as below:

Thank you

Hi @Shreya_Gandhi ,
Have you tried pivot activity


Yes. I have created a pivot table with these activities. But now I have a requirement to group my data based on quarter & year. This is done in excel from Pivotable Analyze tab. How can I use that feature of excel from UiPath?


This activity can use as Pivot table in Excel,
You tried it, what’s output?
You can see more in link

I tried it, it gives me sum for each date. I want to segregate it and show a view where it will show total based on Quarter, where range for Quarter can be defined by us. Say, Quarter 1 would be Jan - Mar, so all the dates coming under this range would have total sum in one cell, and so on.

Currently, I am getting the format as below:

Need in the format as below:

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