Accessibility Options needed in Settings of UIPath Studio

UIPath Studio is a tool that allows developers to create RPA Workflows. One of the basic purposes of Automation is to make things easier for everybody.

Before proceeding any further, a quick introduction of myself. I’m Prashanth, I work in Mindtree as a Module Lead. I have Cerebral Palsy. As a part of my disability, I also have low vision.

recently, I’ve been asked to learn RPA and other related technologies.

UIPath is a market leader in its category. As such I thought it would be a good idea to get familiar with UIPath stuff.

I was able to download and install UIPath Community Edition. Overall the tool is great.

However I wish to report a Serious Limitation in the tool. Accessibility Options seems to have been completely ignored while creating this tool. There is no Application level Zoom (which is commonly found in almost every App - including Browsers, Office Apps like Word, Excel, Outlook etc. - as also third party apps like Adobe Acrobat and other Applications). Further, there are no options available to increase the Font Size within the tool.

Since I have low vision, these options matter a lot to me. With the default (fixed) font size and layout - I’m having considerable difficulty in seeing / figuring out what is going on or what I must be doing.

I wonder How such a great tool got built - without any consideration for Accessibility. Seems like nobody has raised Accessibility issues / concerns for the App so far. Seems very odd - to say the least. I’d also like to point out… As already mentioned above, The primary objective of the UIPath Studio tool is to enable users to create Automation Workflows - which makes life easier for each of the stakeholder groups in RPA. So, question is - shouldn’t the tool itself be made more Accessible / Easier to use (especially for people with Disabilities - like myself) ?

I’m glad that I am raising this issue now. Please ensure that some Accessibility Option are included in the Settings of the UIPath Studio tool. In particular, I’m expecting to see the following additions / changes…

1/ option to increase the font size in the tool
2/ Application level Zoom - to increase the size of various components of the overall Application Layout
3/ Other Accessibility options - such as High Contrast etc.

Kindly ensure that These features / options are included as part of the next release…

Ps - I will be following up in this regard…
(a) I’ll be initiating a email thread with Mindtree on this.
(b) I’ll also be posting a message on UIPath Social Media pages about this issue.
(c) hopefully, after the Accessibility features are implemented - i might consider doing a special episode on UIPath as part of my Accessibility Podcast.

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Hi Prashanth,

Thank you very much for reaching out and I would like to apologize for the late response. I appreciate your feedback and I’m sorry to hear that you are facing issues with our product.

We have committed at company level to comply with WCAG 2.1 standard and aim towards a level AA compliance, therefor in the past year we have been actively working towards improving the accessibility in our products. Although there are still many things to work on, I would like to highlight some of the main areas that we focused on:

  • Contrast issues that fall under the level AA requirements for both text and non-text elements
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Screen reader support

Accessibility is now part of our yearly releases and with each new release we aim to improve our products even more. Unfortunately, not everything is easily fixable, and it requires time to develop and test. For example, the option to increase font size or to select a zoom level for the application is one of those cases. Currently we are providing a zoom option for the main workflow area only, but we have your request on our radar and are examining our options to implement it at app level and make it part of one of the future releases in the following year.

Once again, I would like to apologize for the late reply on this thread and would like to hear from you any additional feedback you may have. Could you prioritize a top 3 areas of improvement? Also, were you able to try one of our latest versions of Studio (21.10 December CU)?