Access to Git bash within Studio


What if the Git Bash window was integrated info Studio. If the user choose to use version control. Much like Visual Studio Code where the user can either use inbuilt git extension or use Git bash from the terminal interface.

This request could help advanced users of Git Bash and people who want to access additional features without navigating out from UiPath Studio.

An example integration :

Thank you for your efforts and consideration.


We look forward to it. :slight_smile:

I like the idea myself, but it is up to @alexandru in the end :slight_smile:

Let’s wait and see what he comes up with. All I can do for now is to make sure he sees the topic :slight_smile:

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Thanks all, it’s something we have on the radar - to provide a terminal in Studio where you can execute VB/C# code, filesystem-related instructions, source control, etc.

Cannot promises an ETA for when this will be available though :slight_smile: