Access row one by one and find it on web



Dear All,

I am having a case, where i want to access each data from excel (I have many columns in excel but I want to use first column only as a searching parameter) and find these data one by one on a web page and copy its related data to output excel sheet. For example, I have ID in the input excel and I want to generate its associated name from webpage and copy name to excel.

Request you all to guide me.

Thanks in advance.


By using ReadRange activity read the required sheet from your excel.
after that iterate that datatable using for each row then, you get data one by one
from excel.
Then enter the required data(ID) to webpage
After that your webpage created data appear on screen then scrap the value using get text,get ocr text get full text
Finally assign the scraped value to datatable using following command
row(“ColumnName”)=“scaped value”



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