Access on browser window not possible. Internal browser pages and the page "new tab" can´t be automized

Hey Community,
I had a robot that used to extract data from a pdf file, that is opend in the edge browser. Now when I set the selector I receive the error message I´ve written in the headline of this topic.

Can you help me solve this problem?

Thanks a lot!

The link from the pdf file is something like:


Not sure if it would help, but did you try allowing access to file URLs in the UiPath Edge extension?

Or otherwise you might need to download the file first before working with it.

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Hey @,

I enabled it, but it doesn´t work. I changed the workflow in the way you suggested. I download the pdf file, open it in the browser and than everything works fine.

Glad to have helped. Just curious, what’s your use case that requires opening the PDF file in a browser? Would you not use Read PDF Text activity to get the data from the PDF file?

I use CV for getting one special text so I opened the pdf in the browser because I use the data on an other website :slight_smile:

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