Access multiple datatables from dataset and store in excel

Hi All,

I am getting a dataset from Export Extraction Results Activity which consists of multiple datatables. I need to save all the datatables (with headers) in Excel. Can anybody please suggest a solution for the same?

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Hey @Ojaswi,
this should be easily doable with the Write Range Activity since it has the AddHeaders option.

You can write them all in separate sheets, or with a bit of tinkering with the StartingCell Parameter, you can write them all in the same Sheet :slight_smile:
Here’s an example:
MultipleDatatablesInExcel.xaml (13.6 KB)

@ziga.hanzic Thank you for your time.
I already have the datatables in a dataset (from Export Extracted Results Activity).


Using the above method I’m able to save the first table (0th index). The output in Excel is as under :


I need to get contents of the tables in Column1 and Column2 respectively. How can this be done?

Casting cell value directly to datatable is also not possible because it considers the value of Column 2,3 as “table” String.