Access jira from UI Path

Am completely new to UI Path, Just started with web scrapping.

I wanted to try how to access my Jira account in UI Path
And after accessing I want to get list of tasks in backlog [with other details of the task]

Is it possible to achieve this in UI Path studio?
If so how can I achieve it ?

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hi @Sathya_Priya,

You can have a look at the Components developed by the community members in market place for jira Integration.


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Hi @mukeshkala,
Thanks much for the response
I started with Jira application scope activity.
In properties pane it asks for TokenAPI which is not found in my JIRA account.
Any idea on how to create an API token ??

Apologies @Sathya_Priya,

I have never Uses the application scope , You can create a separate topic for it with all details and screnshots or you can tag the author of the activity in the post.



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Ok… Thank you

Hi @Sathya_Priya,

In case you are using Jira Software Integration, please check the User Manual, it indicates that the package can be used only for Jira Cloud (not on Prem) and the manual provides info regarding where you can generate the token and how to use the activities from the package.



Thanks @DanielaD will check on it