Access is denied in uipath orchestrator

One bot is downloading different png files,it did it successfully.after downloading bot need to send this but when I enter the path in attach files it shows access is denied and in the error it shows -Bot Failed
Message: Access to the path ‘Y:\Bot_Cers\Bot_Execution\2-25-2023\M_line_fax’ is denied. This one is incorrect path
Correct path should be like this-‘Y:\Bot_Cers\Bot_Execution\2-25-2023\M_line_fax\cers.png’ .


Can you show how are you getting and passing the path variables…looks like the file is not being used but a directory is selected



To Start with please use path.Combine so that is does not fail with wrong characters


And in screenshot folder is lifax and in value in question its only fax…please check which is correct


Screenshot is correct


Please try with above expression and also try printing it and check if the folder is correct

And is the image download completed fully?



Check if the bot has access to the drive or not
Also, before attaching the file, you can check pathexist activity to see whether the file is accessible or not

Hope this may help you