Access IE save notification in the background

How do I save a file in the background? Anytime I try to access the save button it pops up the who browser. Can this be done without it the browser popping up.

Check this.
How to confirm that a file is completely downloaded

Thanks for your suggestion but my issue is slightly different, I can download the file. I was just wanting to do it in the background without it interrupting the users i.e. the clicking of the save button is done in the background like it happens when you click a button on the browser itself.

Try to check hidden option in open browser activity.

I attached the selector to IE Frame not the browser as this seems to be a different element and it does not have a hidden option like open browser does.

Enclosed all the attach browser and rest of the activity insider open browsers do container .

I am having the same issue, and I can confirm that placing the Attach Window for IEFRAME inside the hidden browser session does not work. Once this step of the process is reached, the browser becomes visible and uses the default (hardware driver) setting to click the Save button. In my experience Window Messages do not work for this, and Simulate Click is not an option as I had to set this up as Click Image, not Click.