Access - do not implement the condition Like "*C*"

I have a problem with the implementation of the following simple SQL:
“select Agreement from List where Agreement like ‘/C’;”
sent to Access from Uipath via Execute Query" activity does not respect the like condition "
The same query done directly in access as a query works fine.
Anyone have an idea for this?

Hi @Slawek_Antoniewicz

Try this

“select Agreement from List where Agreement like ‘“%C%”’

Ashwin S

thanks for the suggestion but it’s SQL for Access, it doesn’t accept “%” and must be “*”

Sorry for language of this page :wink:

Sławek Antoniewicz

I think I have to scare you @AshwinS2.
To kill my conscience I checked your suggestion and it worked!
Tt looks like uipath can handle swapping these characters on the fly.

Sorry and Thx

Hi @Slawek_Antoniewicz
:blush: :slight_smile: hahahaha

Ashwin S