Access Denied when running package uipath

when i am run uipath robot pc with cmd command .it’s given error .access denied

when i execute cmd commad with administrator , it’s given access denied


Are you able to run using studio?? Is machine user has admin rights?


Yes ,I can running with ui studio. and i can running with uipath assistant.
My machine user has admin rights.

Which Uipath version are you running? Community (which version) or enterprise?. The community version has a different approach for running a project from cmd.
Edit: Check this post: It is from last year, but still should be working for today’s versions.

are you running CMD as the same user as where you run uipath with?

  • Did you close all your Uipath instances? (it could be locked which will also result in access denied).

Hi @jvanmarion , @anandji05

Uipath version is entreprise licence 2020.4.1.
OS windows server 2012.
i tray to execute Main.xaml File. It’s given Error " Acess denied".
i tray to execute cmd line with administrator , it’s given “access denied”.

Can you publish the package on another drive (for example C:\temp) ? And then run it again from the new location?

Can i ask why you even want to run it from commandline when you have the assistant on the same account?

Hi @jvanmarion,
With On another location(C:\Temp), it works.
Is it possible to run the package without change a location? if i change location , the package’s not execute with uipath assistant because it work’s with default location.

I would like to run it from cmdline because i want to exceute in task scheduling. the assistant has not the option “Sheduling”.

Do you use the same user when running cmd? If not, that could be your problem. That user should have access to the programdata folder and to the .nuget folder of that user.

In uipath assistant you can set task reminders.
Im running CE edition, but that should also be available on enterprise. Scroll down in your assistant.

Hi @jvanmarion,

I use the same user for all runing .( cmd line, uipath assistant…)?

in uiptah assistant , i use the option " reminder," but it can’t running , that shoul be just reminder.

Don’t run cmd as an administrator. That will give you the access denied issue (just tested it).

So for example the user is: jvanmarion
run a normal CMD prompt (not running as administrator)

That should run the job without any issues. Otherwise you have to check your project. Are you using any mapped network drives or other things that can be depending on user rights?
Can you share what your job/project is doing?

Or create a simple project that opens a browser and goes to an url. If that is working from CMD, you have something in your project that is blocking something.