Access Denied Exception (level 3 training)

I am facing an issue when starting a simple job. It should only add queue items. It’s Dispatcher from Level 3 exercise.

The problem is, that studio requires “domain\username” login while trying to publish package:

I used that, but when launch new job, I get Access Denied Exception:

I guess the reason is that i use only username (A0655) to log in to my system, while Orchestrator uses “domain\username” format. Do you have any idea, how can I solve that?

Not exactly.

Have you used (A0655) as the user name when you registered your machine robot to the orchestrator?
Can you check your orchestrator, robot page,what is the value under username field?

You will have to use that.


and if you are getting this error then the username mentioned here is what you should use in the robot as well.

Check steps on how to register your machine on orchestrator:

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I checked the steps and thought it seems ok.
I decided to delete all robots, environments, processes and machines and do that once again. Now it works. Bet, I did too many changes in past and something went wrong but can’t tell what.

Thanks for your help.


Great! Please close this thread and mark answer as solution

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