Access assets from multiple folders inside uipath studio

Inside orchestrator we use classic folders to coordinate rights for different robots.We have for example some robots for human resources. This robots have rights which should be only available for specific autorized users.
Now we have developers which are working on robots for different folders.
At the moment I can only add robot for studio the one folder. In the case I try to add it also to another folder I have the message:
“There already exists floating robot for x…”
How can I handle this?

These types of Robots only work with Active Directory users** and are useful if the machine you want to add a Robot to has a different name each time it is spawned, such as for Non-Persistent VDIs. Same goes for hotseat environments, where different people are working in shifts on the same computer.

@KMota I have all AD users. They work with studio inside citrix. It is working that different machine names. But I cannot ad these to multiple folders…