Access application open issues

I am beginner for the Uipath. I am doing a project in Access database. Queries reports all done. Working perfectly. Now the problem , I couldn’t open access directly through “Open application”
I tried in excel and word, its working. But when I tried in access it show error.
If anyone know solution for this issues, pls reply.

The question is little bit hard to understand. please can you explain your query well?
what i understand is you are working with excel and word. and it’s worked fine. but when you are trying to open the excel and word file you’re getting error? am i right?


Thanks for your response,
“Open Application” not working with MS Access. so I need to open manually my MS Application before run the Bot. have any other solution for open the Access application through Bot?

Hi @Periyaiah_Raja ,

You can also go with Hotkey by pressing window + R and then pass the path of access.


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Hi @ermanoj3101 , Thanks for your help. this method working perfectly.

Thanks again!

Great :grinning:

Can you please mark it as a solution?

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