Access and edit data from transactionItem in Queue

Hello guys,

i’m trying to access, check condition and edit data in my queue item.
I have a datatable with these headers:

FirstName Surname Age Verified
x y 24 Y
z c 28 N

I added all items in my queue. Now for each item i need to verify if the column “Verified” is “Y” or “N”, and then eventually modify that data. How can I do this?
Thanks in advance.

If I understood your question correctly ,

1.Build a data table with the “Verified” Column and then
2.Do a forEach item of the QueueItem
3.Have a if loop with condition (item.SpecificContent(“Verified”).ToString= “Y”) to check queue if Verified column is having Y or N
4.Add DataRow and mention ArrayRow as
5.Using Excel Application Scope and write Range activity , write the data to excel and perform the required modification activity .

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Hy @a.calabro,

I believe you cannot modify Queue Item already uploaded to Orchestrato :frowning:
If you want a new one you have to delete the item and create a new one.



Hi, editing the data in a transaction will be a limited thing, see more here:

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