Acces denied to workflow on networkpath after update to 2019.4.2

Installer(.exe or .msi): MSI

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Studio license

Studio/Robot version: 2019.4.2

Current behavior: Not running from my documents (stored on network location), Running when started from local drive (C:\ for example)

Screenshot: image

I can Open, Edit and save the file, however I can not run it. If I move the folder to a local drive I can run the worflowfile.

This seems like an autorization issue or something. Can someone point me in the right direction?

So… Anyone who’s ever fixed a similar issue around here?.. Can’t really see anything wrong with my level of acces or anything…


You are using Community edition right ?

If yes then it will be user specific and we can’t run workflows in other user account.

Note: Enterprise Edition is system specific and community edition is user specific.

Hi lakshman,
thanks for the response.

No I’m using enterprise edition Studio. I am starting a workflow from studio on my own machine. The problem is that my “My documents folder” is stored on a network, not just locally.

Worked just fine with prvious versions… However it might be due to a windows update aswell…


May I know why you are keeping your workflow files in network folder ?

There will be chances of network failure also sometimes that time we can’t access files from there.

The standard save location for studio is "My documents\UiPath". This just happens to be a networkdrive at my company. Published robots e.t.c. aren’t stored at that location ofcourse, it’s justduring development.

Icould always move the folder location, just didn’t really want to do that. But it seems to be the easiest solution so I think I’ll do that.

Hi @mikebosWPP,
This type of error usually means that file can be used by another user. However Windows by itself sometimes have problem with proper file return after closing application in which file was opened. Go to the server on which network share is created and check Computer Management to see if there is no active session on this file:

Have the same issue. Have no solution yet. Help appreciated.

Little update regarding the issue: