Academy Videos 504 Gateway Time-out

I can not watch videos. Gives a 504 Gateway error. Is this a general problem?

Yes same here. I had just started the course. Does this happen often? I’m kinda new here.

I guess there is a server-based problem.

The same thing with me 504 Gateway Time-out

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Having the same problem.

Having same problem!!!


Hello @Forum_Staff,
Do you have any information about this situation?

I have the same problem. What should I do to resolve it?

Hi. I’m facing the same problem.

Same here too It started with the gateway 504 error but there also seems to be other issues with loading pages and lessons.

still error 504. Damn it’s now week-end the only moment I have to study. Please fix it asap thanks!


Same here :\

Hey @eboolean, can you please tell me what course are you studying?

I study these lessons. @cosminSimion


I cannot view any of the videos in Uipath academy it gives an error stating that "504 bad gateway time-out!

image|690x283 " ,I was trying this since two days ,tried clearing the cache, tried in different browsers ,tried in a different laptop too.

Hi @melvincjoy1

Can u try after sometime ?

Same here! any resolution yet?

Hey everyone,

The problem has been flagged.
Our video streaming services is down.

We should get this back ASAP.
More details to follow.



Thankyou so much for confirming Simion! Please keep us posted