Academy update - No synchronization with my account

by connecting with SSO, I lost almost all of my studies in UiPath Academy.
What is going on ?
Best regards.

After maintenance all the progress have been lost and academy website runs too slowly

Is it being considered to put the progress again back to normal ?
Yes, it’s very slow…

yes in some courses progress will start from normal

That sentence doesn’t even make sense. I started a new course just 2 hours ago and now the Progress is gone. How is your anser supposed to help me? Thanks fpr nothing

Hi, I accidentally pushed on the Solution found (I posted 2 topics and I mistoke this one with an other one solved by him), and I didn’t find out how to put it back…
I asked from a UiPath partner today, he said that he will see if it is being considered to put again the progress back. I will let you know.

Ok :slight_smile: i found out that more people having issues with the academy since the latest update. so i’m sorry for being cruel, i was a little bit uppset…

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Ahah it’s ok. I was in the same state, I took one year to progress and now I lost almost everything…
Hoping they will find a solution. The SSO does not also work well, it can’t manage two sessions on the same computer with UiPath forum :confused:

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