Academy update issue

Is any one academy update related issue is solved

Yes solved

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My problem with work progress is not yet solved

Work progress for some courses remaining same for some we have to start again

Hello guys!
Hope you doing well!
Still have some issue with course RPA Developer Foundation
Can i do something on my side or just waiting for?

I had completed around 95 classes in
Rpa foundation training. But now the progress is zero

What should I do?

Sir is this problem will solve by tomorrow?

So can i start my balance vedio lecture

No you have to do some courses from starting

Sir how can i know the dead line of this course

Hello! My curses is return back. Try open/close browser and clear cash (ctrl+f5)
Thanx guys!
Hope everything will be ok.

I completed about 95 classes in rpa foundation training. Still now work progress is only 3%