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This practice session is incomplete and now accurate ( has anyone managed to get it done? even the completed solution is not working after changing value of the url variable

Practice 3 - Data Scraping & UI Elements

Extracting data from ACME

Create a process that automates extracting the data from ACME catalog page.

  1. Opens the IE browser on page
  2. Use Data Scraping wizards to extract the title and the description from the components from all the pages
  3. Save the extracted data into a CSV file
  4. Close browser

Practice 3 Solution

  1. Start the project as a Sequence and provide an annotation.
  2. Define a String variable and name it “acmeUrl”, with the default value “”.
  3. Use an ‘Open Browser’ activity and for the URL property use the variable created in step. Inside the container:
  • Drag and drop a ‘Maximize Window’ activity;
  • Use a ‘Find Element’ activity to ensure that, at runtime, the page is loaded before starting the Data Scraping. Use ‘Indicate on Screen’ and indicate the first catalog item on the webpage.
  • Click the Data Scraping button in UiPath Studio in order to use the wizard for extracting the data from this page.
  • Indicate the title of the first element (‘Google GSuite’), click Next (Wizard window) and indicate ‘Abbyy – Flexicapture Connector’. Then you can configure columns: check Extract Url and rename the columns : “Title” (instead of Column 1) and “URL” (instead of Column 2).
  • Click ‘Extract Correlated Data’, indicate on screen the ‘Google GSuite’ description, Click Next (Wizard window) and indicate the ‘Abbyy – Flexicapture Connector’ description. Rename the column to “Description”;
  • Move (using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V) the ‘Extract Structured Data’ activity that was generated from the Data Scraping sequence, into ‘Open Browser’ scope. Change the scope of the variable ‘ExtractDataTable’ from ‘Data Scraping’ to ‘AcmeCatalogSequence’. Delete the unused ‘Data Scraping’ sequence.
  1. Drag and Drop a ‘Write CSV’ activity, configure the filename (“AcmeCatalog.CSV”) and the datatable name (“ExtractDataTable”).

  2. Drag and Drop a ‘Close Tab’ activity, save and run the workflow.


Download the workflow below to see the complete solution.

Practice 3 - Data Scraping & UI Elements (Workflow).zip
440.1 KB

Sorry I mean NOT accurate!

Hi guys, thanks for this great Training.

I need to go through all of it.

I think one step is missing from pdd of the first exercise in advanced training:
Step 1.0 - Search Google for ACME System 1 Web Application

Hello @Alin_Andronache

I have very generic feedback that the video player should remember the playback speed that I have manually set for a video which should be kept in the same playback speed for every video that I play on the academy for my account unit I change the speed again. It would be a great help for people like me who can grasp video content at a faster pace. This kind of feature helps us save time by not clicking on the playback setting on every video that I watch as I typically watch educational videos at 1.5x to 1.75x, this can be considered an automation use case for your LMS team.

Happy automation, Cheers!
Subhas Malik

Finished the RPA Associate Path and got my certification this week! I enjoyed all the courses and left feedbacks on each individually but overall I had no major issues with them. The pace was nice and the provided solved projects really helped when I got stuck.

One thing I would suggest is that I wish the tutorials incorporated C# also. I know the video is about VB but maybe a transcript with some screenshots of how it would look in C# would be nice for new learners that start in C#.
Personally, this didnt affect me much but I have friends who never coded in VB and they were frustrated at times trying to figure out why their program is not running.

Apart from that, great learning path! One of the best’s I’ve been through.
P.S. Very thankful for that 2x speed on videos haha

I only started recently with the Academy courses, starting with StudioX. So far enjoying it but I feel the videos can be a bit slower. I know you can pause the videos but sometimes it is easier to follow slower videos than pause rewind play, pause rewind play rewind(Am I giving away my age here).

I have a question though regarding Completed courses. I only noticed after completing a course I cannot go back into the course. I would like to view the courses again if I missed some info or just redo it for extra training. Is this possible?

Keep up the good work. with the Academy.

Not sure how I missed it but, I saw only now that you can go back into the course by clicking on the name :confused: :confused: :confused:

Nice academy!

Hi @wernerj ,

Not only you can pause the videos, but you can also adjust the playback speed. Please watch the first video in any of the courses, it should give some hints on the overall navigation, including how to change the playback speed.