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hi, how come i can’t access the course, it keeps saying:
A small number of users are reporting issues with seeing their course progress. There may be a slight delay until course progress becomes available on the new platform.

And contact your administrator - but I’m unsure how I’m meant to do it if it keeps giving me error messages?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You’ve recently created a new course
RPA in Finance and Accounting

At one point there is a question asked where you drag ‘cards’ into areas to determine whether they have been improved by Excel. Two of the cards have exactly the same thing written on them. One works in the improve bucket and one works in the no improvement bucket. I’m pretty sure this is a mistake.

Is Anyone looking into Academy Badges integration with Forum.
We were given links to request Manual Access after completing course, After submitting request , The Requests are pending since Weeks.

Hi @iVaibhav

Short answer is - we’re working on it. After Academy migration to the new platform, there were few more things to tune in. The Academy-Forum badge integration is coming back, and will be automatic when it arrives (so no more of this semi-manual requesting).

Stay tuned.

Thanks @loginerror.

The Last Activity I saw on a related thread was from 2018. So I was curious to know if this is still happening.

Thanks for the update. I will wait for it.

It is still work in progress. The integration was put on hold on March 30 and will be brought back as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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Thanks @loginerror

Actually i am using community edition which is 2020 version but the learning plan videos are of 2018 version and there is no downgrade of 2018 in community edition.I think the vedios should be updated .

Hi there!

Anyone else having issues accessing I have cleared my cookies and cache data, but all I’m getting since yesterday is a blank page. Any other hints would be appreciated.


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Yes. I completed the 4 hour RPA starter and clicked “Exit the Module” as instructed. However, when I went back into the course page, it shows I’m barely through 1/3 of the course. I cleared browsing history, etc. but get the same results when I go back to the courseware. I’m on the hook for completing this and really don’t want to start over every time I go to the page.

Hi @randall.hoover

Please contact our Academy Support to resolve this issue here:

Hi @Alin_Andronache

it would be great to get the opportunity to filter the courses by status.
In this case, we would be able to easily see what courses we missed so far. :blush:

Hi Team,

I have Completed quiz with 94 percent in Debugging course but still it doesn’t reset in RPA Developer Training, it is showing as 50 percent is completed.can anyone help me out from this.
Please find below screenshot of issue


Hi @1996

did you also complete the [Feedback Survey - Debugging]?
This is required to get 100%

Yes, I have completed feedback survey then also it is showing 50 percent is completed.

I just see that the lessons is still in Resume status. In that case check if you got all check signs at each lesson.

Thanks for suggestion, once I have done with quiz checked each lesson signs and also provided the feedback survey but still the status of debugging course is showing as resume and feedback survey is completed as mentioned in previous post.

But I see in your first post that you haven’t “checked” the “Receive Credit” section.

Go there…scroll to the end of the page…and…maybe…that’s it…hopefully.

@cKsB .
Please check "Recevie Credit Section"I have completed Quiz and feedback survey as shown in below screenshots.