Academy training - advance developer assignment 2


I have hit a dead end it seems, when doing advanced developer. I have made the robot and in ACME system1 I can see that i have finished alle the work items:

But when I submit my robot to evaluation i get a solid 0/100:
Can it be because I differ from some of the steps in the walkthrough?

Hi @Mikkel_Ronde_Jensen,

Refer this below article it might help you


Hi Neellima

I have read the post you refer to, but my problem is with submitting assignment 2 (as the post title indicate :wink: ). Got any help for that?

Best regards Mikkel

Just to update, I think my problem was related to my account in ACME System1. I started by making a new academy account and a new ACME System1 account, then I ran my code and got 100/100 on the first try, thereby passing the course :slight_smile:
Then I went back to my original Academy account and changed the ACME System1 account to the new one and “é voila!” 100/100 :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

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