Academy RPA Starter (Awareness) and Business Analyst trainings block me to Survey again

I feel disappointment about the UiPath Academy training system. Last time I was blocked to get to the end of “UiPath 2018.4 Update” course. Now I was blocked again for two other courses:

  • RPA Starter (Awareness) training - my course ID: E-07YO2V
  • RPA Business Analyst training - my course ID: E-1GLN9V

I did completed these courses and passed the final quiz (please see attachments). But the survey pages were locked. And if I redo the course, I could not resume the place where I stopped last time in the courses always resume to wrong place).

My annual performance review depends on the trainings I took. Is there anyway to fix the problem from UiPath Academy system ? I can retake the course and the quiz. I do need the system allow me to reach the end of the courses after I passed the quiz and “exit” the course. As I mentioned in “UiPath 2018.4 Update” topic, I tried IE, Chrome, and Firefox, all had same problem. It is not the issue of my browser.

Please see attachments for my completions for these two courses and the resume problems.