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I really appreciate uipath team’s efforts and congratulate for the success launch of RPA Academy. Its so organized and very detailed.

noticed something and thought to bring into the notice that, when user clicks on resources -> RPA Academy then it only show the option for register. I believe, there should be an option of login too (if user has already registered). as of now, I always need to click on register first and then close popup window and then it shows me the option to login. Hope I am making a sense and I believe this can be fixed easily.


Thank you @rajivtuli2512 for your comments, we definately need these to improve it for the wonderful developers we have.

The main page of UiPath academy has login in the main and “Register” on the top left.

The one page <- here, Is just for redirection to the main portal for people who are browsing through our website.


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Agree. and trust me most of the people will go to Academy page from the
uipath main site as one stop navigator.

Just a thought, you may point the page
from the uipath main site

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