Academy Level 3. Generate Yearly Report

Hello, everybody,

I am currently in the online Academy Level 3. Generate Yearly Report.

I am not quite clear about the task. Should I get the WorkItem table from the dispatcher at once or incrementally?

It makes more sense to get all WorkItems at once and upload them into the queue.

You could do this all at once. The walkthrough has you do this in the Init state with nothing in the Process state. Please note, however, that not all dispatchers load data entirely in the Init state. This process is simplified enough that it is ok to do it all in one step, however.

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How is it actually? must the result be right or the way (described by UiPath) to the right result?

I find the description very often does not fit anymore.

May I come to the result also with my own way?

The way the system will evaluate the files is based on your ability to follow instructions. Follow the walkthrough as closely as possible for full credit.

Even if you submit a working project, you will get a 0/100 if the system does not detect that you followed the steps of the walkthrough.


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