Academy Lesson 3 Practice - Club Member / Yes finding problem

Hello, Dear?

I’m asking you a question because having a problem while studying Academy Lesson 3 Practice.

I set up with the picture above, but the error appears that RPA cannot find Yes in the CSV file.

I set as the Value field, names.Select("[Club Member]= ‘Yes’ ")

What’s the problem with me?
Would you mind let me know the solution for it?

Thank you for reading~! :smile:

Hi @sphencer

Could you try like this:

names.Select("[Club Member]='Yes'")

Instead of like this:

names.Select("[Club Member]=`Yes`")

It’s a subtle difference, but I think it makes it look for the column name image instead of Yes


Thank you for your solution, dear! :star_struck:
As your kind, I solved it~! :star_struck:

Really thank you~!

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