Academy Credential

Hello everyone,

Which is Academy credential?

![a1|690x490](upload://kg8tiKutjk4pGMguEJpQQAyZwjE.png) 1) geewansung ![a2|515x388](upload://1TWqo9iZ3GWMjBLnoQyVhxoiaea.png) 2) wansung gee 3)

Thank you in advance

Hi @111132

Use this URL and signup.

Kommi Jeevan.


Thank you,

Which is Academy credential.

  1. geewansung - upper png
  2. wansung gee - Lower png / upper
  3. - Lower png / lower

I have a problem Level 3 - Assgnment 1

Can you post the problem you are facing @111132?

I have a problem with passing Level 3, Assignment 1.
Everytime it failed, but in the Acme It passed.

You need to check the four scenarios

  1. Your mail id for both acme site and academy should be same
  2. You are not supposed to reset the data in acme until the exam is evaluated
  3. Don’t refresh just after submitting the exam
  4. Make sure work items comment uploaded with a right text
  5. Make sure work items status are completed

I want you to see below page.

Then You might know why I want to know Academy credential.

Thank very much.