Academy 2, Assignment 2

Dear UiPath

I sincerely thank you for making the training and helping me improve field of expertise in RPA area.

Though, the assignments are tough and challenging, they are indeed well designed and live up to their purpose.

While doing the assignment 2, I did encounter a few problems:

  1. The Studio behaves quite weird. In one of the workflow, “System1_CreateYearlyReport”, in side the loop of downloading all the monthly report. Some how, all activities decided to turn on the default “time out” option, 30 seconds, and when the activity runs out of time, it actually performs that action. Meaning that the progress will be very very slow if I don’t interrupt. So I had to put on a timer for each every one of them to make sure that they time out quickly. All other walk flows run smoothly without such issue

  2. When I manually turn off the workflow which “may run into” errors while performing on a transaction, the transaction would somehow locked into “In progress” status, and there’s no way to “retry” it or setting it as “failed”.

All the best!

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Hi hellitonwoo,

What Studio version are you using? Does it happen every time?

I am also facing problem number 1, using the 2017 version of Studio. To me it happens every time. @hellitonwoo Could you explain what the workaround you used was? Setting TimeoutMS? That doesn’t work for me.

Hi ovi,

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:
The version is 2017.1.6522.

The problem never happened to any other of my scripts or workflows.
Only happened to that particular flow within the loop.

And the only thing I can think of would be something related to ACME website + IE explore that I was using.

I’ve tried the following approaches, but still with the problem:

  1. Clear all the variables (reset the value to “nothing”) at the end of the loop, so that each time, they are brand new in the next round
  2. Restart studio
  3. Restart the computer
  4. Use only 1 screen


Hi there, to be clear, if the activity is ought to be failed, for instance the selector was not found, then the activity would of course wait for the time to run out before prompt an error.

In my problem, those activities are perfectly fine when enters the loop, but, after the loop goes to the 2nd round, they start to show that “time out” issue.

So, I manually set the “time out” to be a certain value, say “1500”, so that the activity times out after 1.5 seconds every time, then does the job.

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I’m encountering the same issue where, after the first iteration or two (to be specific, processing the first month that actually returns a report) the first two activities at the top of the loop (select month and click download button) each take, as previously reported, the duration of the timeout to actually act. That’s at least one minute to process each month. With the data I’m testing with that’s every month after February, so 10 minutes to process the entire year.

For the record, I’m using 18.1.1.

I’ve been trying various things… playing with WaitForReady values and such… and so far nothing has paid much in the way of dividends. Like the original poster, the only thing that has made any kind of difference is to override the default timeout on those couple of activities with a low values, but then I’m getting into race conditions where I’m occasionally outrunning the UI, which is going to require some working around to resolve.

Since it doesn’t seem to begin until I actually hit a report, I really have to think that whatever is going out of kilter has something to do with the save file dialogs and/or the download finished notification. Maybe it has something to actually do with IE being put into some abnormal state… or at least a state that somehow differs from what it was before.

Anyway if anyone has any clue what’s going on here I could really use some enlightenment and/or suggestions.


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While selecting month January from the drop-down using TypeInto, It is pointing to November, While selecting month July from the drop-down, It is pointing to June.It is working fine while selecting months in other websites.How can I sort this issue? @aksh1yadav

Go with click with simulate property check.


Other users reported this behavior as well, including me: BOT Running very slow on Internet Explorer - #15 by Bolletje

What helps is to play with the WaitForReady setting and set it to ‘None’.
It will be a temporary fix to quickly run through this assignment. I have experienced similar behavior with the Data Scraping (retrieving a data table); executing this activity sometimes also takes a significant amount of time.

@aksh1yadav,I had checked the simulatetype property.when month=january,the dropdown value is set to november.When I open and click on upload montly report,Then in the month dropdown when I’m typing January It is pointing to november.Can anyone check this in the website.When I’m using the same functionality in this website Yahoo It is selecting January.What can I do to resove this?

Hi Viorela,

Assignment evaluation process is taking to much time, its been 3 days my assignment is not yet evaluated. Please help me.


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Hi Ovi,
Assignment 2 evaluation is still pending from two days .could you please help .


Hi SreeKanth,

The drop down is designed to not encourage hot keys method to select a month, Please assign the entire selector to a variable and pass the variable in the selector area of the UI element click activity.

VarSelectr = “<webctrl aaname=”+“'”+Month+“'”+" parentid=‘searchForm’ tag=‘A’ />"