Academic Transcript Information Extraction


Has anyone tried to extract information from the academic transcript? Can anyone please help me with that?

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Hey @Umer_Shahid

Could you please show some snaps of what an academic transcript is ?


SampleTranscript (3).pdf (109.0 KB)
Umer Transcript.pdf (175.4 KB)

We can take these two as an example.

Hello @Umer_Shahid ,

Plz clarify the requirement of reading this documents.

As you are working with pdf documents, you can install pdf package and use Read Pdf text activity to read the pdf and get the details.

If you are going to approach with unstructured data suggesting to go document understanding approach.

That’s what i am asking. If we are going for unstructured data then how can document understanding help? Like do we need to make new ML model for that?

There are multiple models available which will help to extract some predefined data… For example different invoice documents…

Also you can modify that or you can create your own ML models

Its not an invoice. I am talking about the academic transcript.