Academic Alliance inquiry

I’m curious to find out more about the academic alliance… I would like to know who heads that unit up and how to get more information.

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Please find attached the Academic Alliance introduction which can help you understand what we do in this field.

Where are you from? Are you thinking of a collaboration through Academic Alliance?


Hi @DeaTo

Just one question,

Can anyone of us individuals also apply for this? Let’s say if I’m applying, can I apply as a Educator? or is it only for educational institutes?


I welcome here my wonderful colleague form the Academic Alliance team. He can help us with responses in this area.

@Vladimir_Deliu, can you please give @Lahiru.Fernando some details about how to apply as an Educator and if it’s a possibility for him or people like him?

Thanks and have a wonderful week,


Excellent information. I am actually looking for a role in recruiting. Over two and a half decades I have been a catalyst for technology integration into K-12 Education. UiPath is a critical piece to the future of technology expansion among high school and college students. My question is to find out how to apply for the position of recruiter. Im able to travel and I have stellar references.

Thanks so much for your guidance. Ready with resume and cover letter.


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Hey @Lahiru.Fernando. The Academic Alliance is aimed for established institutions of higher education and colleges. If you are an educator within such an organization, indeed, you can apply.

What kind of recruiting are you referring to, @Marc_Crenshaw?

Hi @Vladimir_Deliu

I’m not from a education institute. I actually work for a software company… I was wondering whether we can personally join the academic alliance program as an individual, and join hands with one of those institutes in any country who are a part of this…

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Hey @Lahiru.Fernando,

I see you are an alumnus of SLIIT which is not an Academic Alliance partner of ours yet. Maybe you can help us to start some RPA courses there.

Looping in my colleague who manages the Academic program in India and Sri Lanka for this :slight_smile:


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Hey @Vladimir_Deliu

That’s a really good point… :smiley:

I have some contacts there… And previously, I did some lecture programs as well… So I know few lecturers that we could get help for this effort…

I will have a chat with them, and see how we can go ahead with this… :smiley:

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Thanks @Vladimir_Deliu . Hi @Lahiru.Fernando Have sent a message with the details . Thank You.

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A recruiter to visit Universities to introduce RPA to schools.