Absolute path

how i give absolute path to move file in destination folder

Hi @Yogita_Gaikwad1

You are already giving the absolute path. In the To field give the folder path.
The Move file activity move the file to the required folder.

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Source: “C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\SourceFolder\file.txt”

Destination: “C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\DestinationFolder\file.txt”

Diff between Absolute and relative is

Absolute Path:C:\Users\John\Documents\myfile.txt

Relative path:Documents\myfile.txt

then why this error is come

Hi @Yogita_Gaikwad1

Give this in To field

`"D:\UI Path\ResumeScreening"

Check the file that you are moving is exist or not.
In the From field you have to give the full path of file name.
In the To field you have to give the full path of folder to move.

May I know what data contains in the StrResume variable that you have passed in the to field.4

Hope you understand!!


ResumeScreening is a file or folder if it is a file mention the extension

Can you give the “extension” for Doc path you are moving a file not a folder

Hi @Yogita_Gaikwad1

You need to pass the file name

Check the below thread it might help you

Hi @Yogita_Gaikwad1

In from property, you need to include the file name with extension and in to property, give the path upto the folder name.


The issue is with the path you provided…it ahpuld contain along with extension of the file…else the file would not be recognized…please add the same

As per screenshot we can see you gave both as folders only…also I believe you gave software developer as the path which is afolder I guess…you need to specify a single file

Alternately if you want to move whole folder then use the below