About wait element exists

When I click the A button .
pattern 1 : Sometimes the B element will appear(In one minutes) ,
pattern 2 : but sometimes it won’t appear,The C element will appear.
When I click B element .The C will appear.

Is there any best way to wait element B exists?
Solution ONE: now I use the “Element exists” and set the timeout parameter:70s. It will solve this problem.
but If pattern 2 occours more frequently,the procedure will wait 70s all the time.It waste more time.
Solution TWO: Maybe I can use the “Element exists” to judge if C element exists first.
Which solution is the best way,any good idea? Thanks


Once try with On Element Appear activity.

I’m so sorry that you didn’t get my idea.


Use the Parallel activity and perform a Element exists within in. You can actually check for both elements parallel to each other which is much easier and faster. Then based on the true false result you get for those two, you can decide how your flow continues…

Hope it helps