About Update Item Activity in system package 20.10.1

I want to use the function likes Update Row Item Activity,the activity can’t be used in 20.10.1,and I can’t update the package.Because some rules.So how can i do likes Update Row Item?

Hi @HuaiYe

Can you please tell us the exact requirement.



Try to update studio version or reinstall new stable version.
It will help


@suraj.setty ,I want directly write new row into datatable.And the Update Row Item Activity available for my needs,but it can’t use in 20.10.1 package.So i want to know if there is any way i can substitute Update Row Item Activity

@RK_0 ,No I can’t do that.The company rule bondage me.

@suraj.setty ,like this.The activity i put into the For Each Row,and I use Update Row Item Activity to save the new row value in datatable.

@HuaiYe Can you try the below one. Take assign activity instead of Update Row Item

Row(3) = "Is OK"

Row(3) is the left part and Is Ok is the right part



You can invoke VBA code to update row value


@ushu ,Oh thanks.it is useful.

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