About trigger getting disabled

For one specific bot trigger got disabled twice, when we checked in audit log , it showed , “system administrator has disabled the trigger”. Please suggest


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I think it’s pretty straight forward in message

Pls check with your team

You can manage the trigger via

And you can restrict the access with users and roles

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No one from our team has disabled the trigger, and that is why the question is there. we coudn’t figure out the root cause behind this activity. When manually someone does this , it shows " the trigger is disabled " now it was showing trigger is deactivated/

We have enabled it , but this activity happened twice with the same bot

Normally if a user modifies a record it will show the User’s username/login in the audit log. I’m not sure what would cause it to show “System Administrator has disabled the trigger” unless you have a login with that name.

I thought perhaps it could have been an automatically disable using the “Disable Trigger At” setting on the trigger, but in testing when the trigger becomes disabled from this, it does not actually generate an event in the audit log (Tested in 2020.10 and 2021.10).

Is this Cloud (Community / Enterprise) or an On-Prem (Enterprise) Orchestrator? If On-Prem I would review the Windows Event Logs for any errors that might be thrown by Orchestrator.

This is cloud enterprise version

Perhaps open a ticket with the Cloud Support team.

The trigger is most likely being disabled because your process is consistently failing. This is a feature introduced in 2020.10 (2020.10.1)

To edit the fail thresholds for on-premises instances, follow the instructions here.

For cloud, I suggest resolving the underlying issue with your process.

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