About to read particular row in given website

hi guys,

please help me out …how to read the particular row data in website using uipath…is there any logic or is there any method please do share.

Hi @kishore_as

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Can you provide an example?



like a website is there,to read the application name and check that application status is started or stopped.if it stopped the uipath process to start it.

application status
sipserver stopped

now i need to read application as sipserver and status is stopped
i hope you got my point.


please help me

I understand but I need to know from where are you reading the data and how, so that I can help you. May be a workflow or screenshot


i am try to reading data from a website.in website,application column need to read application as sipserver1 and to check the status column stopped.if it is stopped i need to start it and if it is started already to display some message box …status is started.
please see attached screenshot then you can understand.

will you post any image about this. it may reference from google images also, i didn’t get clearly which that data is type of Table with different column or something else?

look at attached screenshot image file…in that i need to check application column sipserver1 related status as stopped .need to read stopped data from status column .
in programming way i can say that conditions is like
if(application==sipserver1 and status==stopped)
“it is already started state”;

thanks in advance please give me the solution