About the URL of active uipath

hello every,
my company locked all the Outside website。so I can’t access an external website.
I also can’t access uipath.com
but I want to active my uipath studio, what website should I told my adminstrator to unlock them.
Then I can active my uipath studio.
thank you

Hi @jmy,

If you are using Community Edition then use the following link to activate/renew Ui path studio.

For Enterprise edition contact to sales

if I actived my Community Edition uipath studio, can I close the internet when I use the uipath studio?
thanks for your reply

No need to close the Internet. Go to the above URL and fill all the fields, same Mail ID which you have used before to download the Community edition.

Just restart the studio and its done.:grinning:

Maybe I didn’t show my question well.
no matter what,thank you very much

As long as you dont need to work on automation over the internet its fine shut it off.

Yes you can close the net. If you are not doing web automation you can work offline