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Hi i am kavi.When the session started

hi diane!

Thanks for the detailed information!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Getting started a little late but should be a great 4 weeks.

Hi everyone!

Hi there everyone and happy learning

Hi everyone! I’m from a city in the midwest. Excited to learn more about technology.

cant access week two course material. is it up yet?

Week 2 course modules are updated now. Try checking now

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Hi, I have just begun my 4 weeks of Reboot your skills Programme & I am currently stuck with a system configuration i.e. I use MacOS and do not have Office 365 or MS Office. How do I begin my learning journey ? Please help.

Hi @velayutham

Please have a look at this post:

Given that UiPath tools are not available natively on MacOS, it goes into detail about possible workarounds.

Then, for the Reboot Your Skills itself, you might either have to skip the Office related exercises.

Starting up a lil late but hope to catch up

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