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It is in the table grid at the top of the post!

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The last day of the program is Friday 5/15!


Hi @dianamorgan,
could you explain in more detail what this means? Is this the day when you evaluate the progress? Can we still access the resources afterwards?
Thank you, Jan

Hello All!

Hi I don’t see excel admin in the community option to install

Hi Folks,

My 2 weeks were amazing and very useful, i am late for this course as its going 4th week but i am still on 3rd week, but anyway i will work hard to complete on time, thanks UIpath for the wonderful journey.

Hi from Paris. A bit late but very motivated to discover the automated field and its applications :slight_smile:

Hi, is it possible to extend the last day of the program / resources? I just finished my 2nd week.

Hello everyone. Hope you are doing well.

Hi UiPath Team,
Can you let me know the email address where I can mail your team.
I am having some doubts and issues related to Reboot My Skills program.

Hi @mansiG

You can contact our Academy Support for any concerns about the course at this link:

Hiii how should i automate captcha ???

Hello everyone.

I got a question. Is it still ok to take the program now? I just found out about UiPath partnering with Alteryx so here I am to learn :smiley:

Thanks Dianne. Hi everyone, really looking forward to this course just starting in April 2021. The joining instructions are not very clear so I hope I am doing this right.

Thanx for the information.

hi there :slight_smile:

Buenas tardes,

¡Con ganas de comenzar a automatizar!

Hello! I’m Aura Fajardo. I’m from Colombia.
it will be a pleasure to be here learning with you!

My name is Victor Nassar and I am from Costa Rica. I work as a data analyst for a supply chain organization in a Tech Company.
I plan to use my knowledge in order to apply it in our organization and help automate as much as possible.