About the Ideas contest


The UiPath Automation Ideas Contest ended to a resounding success – over 100 cool proposals have been sent, voted and discussed by the members of our Community. This gives us hope that automation will shape the future in almost every way possible, and you have a clear say in it.
We will contact the winners shortly. Meanwhile, thank you for taking part in the contest and stay tuned to our Community – greater things will follow soon.

Cool automation ideas contest :computer: :mag_right:

Phase 2 - Vote or get voted in the UiPath Automation Ideas Contest!
Just like building blocks, UiPath is a very modular RPA tool, which can be used in multiple ways. The second best thing about it? On top of the default actions available for automation, anyone can create and use their own components to build their own, personalized flow. This is exactly what we’re looking for - cool automation ideas. Your own solution or improvement on a certain matter, that could be done using UiPath. Things that you would love to see implemented, from “life-changing” to “mindblowing”. We´ll give you some hints to get you up to speed.

Caution: your ideas must fit in with the following.

Types of ideas

!! This is not for product improvements, but only for the types bellow

Custom Activities: Activities which you will be able to install and drag-and-drop into your workflows in UiPath studio. They should cover areas which are not already handled by the default activities and activity packs included in UiPath Studio.
Good example: custom activity to upload a file to SharePoint.
Bad example: Custom activity to run a query on SQL Server database (already covered in the Database activity pack, part of the core product).

Snippets: Ready-made workflows, or ready-made code snippets, which you can invoke/include in your own workflows in UiPath Studio. They should be reusable for as many users, environment and processes as possible.
Good example: Workflow for logging into SAP.
Bad example: Workflow for creating a custom report in your custom application (not reusable for other reports/other users).

Templates: Workflows which are not fully functional by themselves, but leave some room where you can insert your own code, and the template will integrate it into a more complex one. They should contain fixed sections for some parts of the process, and a placeholder for your custom code.
Good example: Template for reading data from a database and inserting it into an SAP table (the queries and the SAP tables will be decided by the user, the mechanism for reading the data, converting and writing it in SAP will be a fixed part of the template).

Automation Frameworks: A framework will handle many common tasks and components (e.g. error handling, reporting, transactional workflow, environment setup) and leave the development of the business logic up to the user.
Good example: Robotic Enterprise Framework (generic framework for any transactional business process).
Another good example: Framework for scanning documents and postprocessing them into a document store.

Application Connectors: Components which enable UiPath to “talk” to other applications.
Good example: Connector for IBM Watson.
Bad example: Connector for Excel (excel activities already exist in the core product).
Note that, technically, these are still custom activity implementations.

Data Connectors: Components which enable UiPath to connect to external data sources.
Good example: MongoDB connector.
Bad example: SQL Server connector (already covered in the database package of the core product).
Note that, technically, these are still custom activity implementations.

RPA Documentation: Pieces of documentation which would help users with a particular development, administration or operational tasks.
Good example: Deployment best practices document.
Bad example: Orchestrator installation guide (already covered on the UiPath website).

Machine Learning Models: Ready-trained models which can be used inside a project which leverages machine learning.
Good example: image-recognition model for TensorFlow.

Dashboards: Ready-made dashboards which can be deployed by users in their environments. Will use the UiPath robot’s logs as a data source. Can be made in Kibana or any other reporting/BI platform. It would be great if a mockup is submitted along with the idea, or at least comprehensive descriptions of all the data points.

How it works

Phase 1 - submit your idea here and talk it over with the other members of the Community. The entries for ideas are open from May 2nd to May 13th, 2018.

Phase 2 - Get Community members to vote for your idea and try to reach the Top 10. Starting with May 14th to May 21st, 2018, you can boost your idea, so make the most of it.

Any user who participates can submit more than one idea.

What’s in it for you

$300 if your idea is in the most-voted Top 5 by the end of the contest
$150 if your idea is in the next 6 to 10 Top voted by the end of the contest

In the meantime, do check the competition’s Terms and Conditions here.

IT Service Management Connector
One Bot for Everyone
Just Listen to Emails Now!
Text Summarization / Classfication Machine learning Algorithm to directly process unstructured data
Custom Template Creation in Studio
UiPath to work with Mainframe using FTP calls
Voice enabled RPA
Pre Trained Bot
Python as an activity into UiPath
Automating HR roles
PowerPoint Activities as Custom Integrators
Triggering workflows by sending an email to UiPath Orchestrator
Audit Machine For Social Media Content And Risk Assessment
Save as -workflow for browsers
Custom email body template
IOT Connectors
Create assets with same name and different values when they are specific to robot
Package ID in Job Details
Ability for Imap Activity to read mail from Shared Mail box
HR Hiring and Boarding Automation
Barcodes reader and generator
Export project to document
Machine Learning,Artificial intelligence and NLP packages with RPA
Universal Date Format Converter
Mass Mailer Automation
Download results from SAP
Convert PDF File to excel File
Custom Activity for Machine learning algorithm
Executable Files for End Users
Supervisor Bot , Impact Detection Bot
Pause, Stop, Rewind to an activity based on user approval
Automated Test Workflow
Automated stock trading using UiPath Bot
File watcher and Mail watcher
"In-Code Documentation" for Dummies
Generating Governance of Automated Process
POC PROJECT Workflow Template
Connector for Google spreadsheets
Date Formatting and Conversion - Explicit UiPath Guidance and Reference Material
Zip or UnZip Activity
Queue enhancements
Addition to Excel Activities for Pivots
Insert a picture to email body
Data Cleansing and Backup of data
Personal assistant BOT
OCR Optimization
Using UiPath Studio to perform all TFS related actions
Make calculations on dates taking care of public holidays
Automating SAP Processes like creating SO and invoice
Adding Job number and Dependency for the jobs in Orchestrator
Process unstructured hand written notes
Edit variables at runtime
Generate new password and set credential
Option to show all variables
Quick Watch Window/ User Immediate Window
Custom Activity(Merge PDF File)
Connection with github projects for version control
Bespoke UiPath Documentation to Cover Managing Dates
Automated DTP creation and execution of DTP
Custom activity to access and manipulate files in Azure cloud
Improvements in UI & Debugging
Read Report values for the given reference
Feasibity to automate Mobile apps through UiPath and introduce a feature to pause the robot in between the execution and resume
Custom Activities to post messages to Slack Channel/Rest API
Mass mail depending attachments size limit
More complex solution for PDF files
Activity/Variable map for Easy Maintenance
Auto-Initialize Collection variables
Find Most Recently Modified File In A Directory
Email alerts in Orchestrator
Ideas Contest - final
Add "Dynamic Scheduling" of process through orchestrator
Posting Photos to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram in Desktop
Extract Text or subtitles From Video File
Extract Subtitles from any video(Web/Youtube/Standalone applications) for which the subtitle is merged
Html object
Create Website / Blog by just Pressing a Single Button ( WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, CodeIgniter )
Citation Research
Real-time,structured inputs to BOTs using Google spreadsheets
Exporting a process flow template from PDD to create a base framework
New Born Baby Documentation
Robot Utilization Dashboard
System Health Check as Reusable Custom Activity
Custom Activity : System Service Manager
SAP Login reusable workflow
Problem Detector - Proactive Fix
Clear Queue Item
Excel Column Hide/Unhide
Identify the Excel Sheet is Empty
Customized activity Folder/File size identifier
Uipath x Pipefy Integration
Best Practice guide for Solution Architect / Business Analyst
Word Wrap on expression builder
Data Scraping Activity - trigger "next page" when there is no explicit button
Disable all Message Boxes in a single Click
Split one data table into multiple data table based on headers in the column vakue
Attached file need to download less the 1KB fike from Mail
Mail Delivery Notification
Custom Activity for dynamic array
Specific Date Format
Developer friendly custom selectors for datagrid
Snippet for Service NOw
Unzip Password protected file
Dashboard comparing Robots performance in a process
Virtual Desktop best practises
Template for Exception Manager
Custom PDF activity with filter and selection condition
Custom Activity to invoke VBS
Convert a Table Column into a Concatenated String
Custom activities for test automation


(oops, idea posted in wrong place. erasing post since it is posted correctly now)


What is the use case
As a non-programmer I’ve had no end of problems trying to learn how to manage dates - and still can’t get it right. This is highlighted in a previous conversation on this issue: Guidance on String/DateTime Conversion and String Manipulation

I find the .Net date functions to be fiendishly difficult to understand, let alone to use. There’s no bespoke UiPath help. and the .Net help is irritatingly obtuse. The forum responses I’ve had to problems with dates generally end up along very unhelpful and downright condescending lines: “data formats are hugely complex, live with it”.

How do you see a solution for the use case?
I’d like to see explicit UiPath documentation on date manipulation - bespoke reference material, best practices and hints and tips. I don’t think it’s good enough to rely on generic .Net help to cover a subject that is so complex and so important.



So a lot of good ideas were submitted last week. But also there are a lot of ideas a lot of ideas which don’t really fall into one of the categories or are really general (aka “I want a robot which replaces does my work so that I can relax”)…