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All your ideas should go here :slight_smile: Let’s brain storm together how to make UiPath product better for everyone!

If you do not feel like posting yourself, feel free to browse the topics and vote on your favourites. The more votes a topic gets, the bigger chance it will be spotted and implemented by our devs!

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Would be nice if in the forums you add option to follow a certain users to know all about their replies, posts as so on.


ask this on discourse: https://meta.discourse.org/ :slight_smile:
you are able to see their activity though.

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@badita Excuse my ignorance what is this discourse am really confused. I though that Ideas category is related to UiPath.
Thanks for your patiency.


This is very old but since its pinned i think it should help to clarify that (at least i think it works this way) , uipath forum is based on discourse (what it seems to be a forum SW solution).

So as far as i know, @badita it just redirecting you because forum improvemnts should be requested to discourse not here :slight_smile: This tag its only for UIPath softwareincluding Studio, Robot and orchestrator.

Thanks you all i wish i help someone here