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Would be nice if in the forums you add option to follow a certain users to know all about their replies, posts as so on.


ask this on discourse: https://meta.discourse.org/ :slight_smile:
you are able to see their activity though.


@badita Excuse my ignorance what is this discourse am really confused. I though that Ideas category is related to UiPath.
Thanks for your patiency.


This is very old but since its pinned i think it should help to clarify that (at least i think it works this way) , uipath forum is based on discourse (what it seems to be a forum SW solution).

So as far as i know, @badita it just redirecting you because forum improvemnts should be requested to discourse not here :slight_smile: This tag its only for UIPath softwareincluding Studio, Robot and orchestrator.

Thanks you all i wish i help someone here