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UiPath Automation Ops is a development operations tool with centralized governance capabilities that enables cloud administrators to define and deploy governance policies to organization employees.

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I have my assistant & studio connected to my orchestrator tenant using Machine key. In this case I could not see the drop down option for ‘Generate Governance File’.

As per your suggestion, I disconnected and connected using the sign in method, which gives me the option to generate the Classic and Modern policy.

Downloaded ‘Classic policy’, and upon trying to upload, it says, failed to upload policy.

Downloaded ‘Modern Policy’ and tested with → uipath.policy.StudioPro, works perfectly.

Few queries:

  1. Please suggest as why would it not work when I am connected using machine key?
  2. Why would classic policy update give a prompt saying failed to upload policy?

Thank you

While I was creating the policy using Add option, there are few tabs like General, location etc and there are set parameters. But for creating policy, there can be some parameters very specific to the organizational requirements. It would be great if users could add certain parameters to the existing ones.