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Hello, am trying to access data from the database to excel and excel aging I took data from excel and search in google I complete this successfully but the thing is when am search for different data we get a different result for an
(example largest city in Iraq I will show one result and again you search the next data what is present in excel it is India we search It will show some result )
so the thing is the selector will change I want to fetch that result so how can I fetch can anyone help me plz. I share that screenshots bellow you can get an idea of what am do.

@Chethan_P - please check the selector with a unique identifier and add anchor to the selector for a better identification.

for a refactoring of s selector- you can share the selector for both search results… maybe we can help you better…

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see in this I want to extract the value what I mark in the pic I try to take the unique selector but I didn’t get that and I share one pic in the one excel tables is there in that diff value I want to search all those values.

Hi @Chethan_P,

Try to use attached window inside your type into and gettext.Attached window selector * largest city and gettext div inside selector use * it means 0 or many characters.

Omkar P

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its also not working sir

Share your selector.pls