About Select method

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In How Many Ways We Can Use Select Method & What are they ?
Plz Anyone Can Clarify My Doubt
Thanks In Advance

Hi @Prakash_Patnala ,
You want to talk about select an item in website or application?
we can use click, select item,…or send hot key

In Application like Excel

In excel I think you can use click or hot key

thanks But I want Select Method Not Select Item

Can you share your example?


If your Select Method means manipulation of DataTable, the following will help you. (there are mainly 2 Select methods)

DataTable.Select method


arrDr = dt.Select("ID = 'A1')

Enumerable.Select Method (LINQ)


arrDr = dt.AsEnumerable().Select(Function(r) r("ID").ToString()="A1").ToArray()


For Eg Comparing 2 DataTables Each & Every Cell in the Tables & Write Status


Can you share specific input and expected output as file?


Hi @Prakash_Patnala ,
Can you share input and expect output?

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