About script as if replacer and Automation System


I wanna ask about 2 things.

  1. I’m having talk with my friend related to coding and he told me there’s a script that I can do as if replacer so I don’t have to use if statement anymore and I can use script instead. Can anyone help me explore this more and is it possible to use it in uipath?

  2. I’m doing an automation and it’s involving SQL Query. My select query has more than 5000 data, and I am using in statement. Example :

VarQuery = “Select * from table_A where Customer_ID in (Customer Number)”

Result of VarQuery rows count is more than 5000 data. When I use “select” it’s giving an error :

“Could not retrieve the result of the job execution. This might be because a message was too large to process.”

But when I use select top 5000, it’s not showing any error and the outputted data table are written to excel. Any explanation for this? Was it because of SQL “in” has limitation or the uipath has limitation? Thanks !!

Hi @Rhys18,

You can use languages ​​such as C#, VB.Net within the code stage activity.

You can also use python script. You can call it with python run activity and use all libraries.

You can use many functions such as filtering, grouping, condition creation using LINQ.

You can select 16,777,216 lines.
There may be a different error here, especially due to lines containing special characters. You can share the error you get for this.

I hope that will be useful.


I’m not really familiar with C# so I’m using vbnet instead, and also. What’s the difference between LinQ and Microsoft SQL Query in uipath? Does it affecting the work time of the robot?

  1. This is the error shown