About Scout the Chatbot

Tips for searching effectively


Scout the Chatbot is a virtual assistant that is designed to help you find answers to your UiPath product support questions. Scout uses Natural Language Processing to determine the best answers and will grow more proficient as more questions are asked.

Scout can answer various kinds of questions now however it is still learning therefore you can expect to get some wrong answers. As Scout gets more feedback, it will refine and improve its responses over time.

Tips for searching effectively

  • Enter more than one word
  • Check your spelling
  • Ask Scout only one question at a time related to a single issue
  • Break multiple issues into separate questions
  • Avoid long sentences by using a few words search.
  • Use double quotes for keywords, especially when searching for (product) numbers or for a combination of words, e.g., “Studio,” “Installation”
  • Use conditional words like AND, OR, AND NOT to refine your search

Good examples:

  • UiPath Robot Error - Cannot Read Property
  • I would like to renew my license
  • I would like to open a ticket

Poor examples:

  • Instead of “Automation Hub” use something like “Automation Hub cannot delete categories”
  • Instead of “License Code”, use something like “Where can I locate my License Code?”

Too specific; too many words; Separate issues included in one message:

  • Instead of “I would like to update Orchestrator, but I had some networking issues that prevented me from doing so, what should I do now?” use something like “I would like to Upgrade Orchestrator.”

Not related to UiPath technology:

  • Can’t log into my exchange email.
  • Where can I find my car keys.

Help topics:

Currently you can ask the bot top provide information or answer question regarding:

· Search on any available content.

· Open a case with customer support.

· Get status and escalate open support ticket.

· General billing questions.

· Question regarding licensing and activation.

· General questions about RPA, UiPath, Community, Release Notes.

Coming soon:

· Password reset.

· 500 error message.

· Questions around product end of life.

· Downloading a new product version.


Scout would love to get your feedback in order to refine and improve its responses over time. Feedback can be provided by clicking the thumbs up/down at the upper right of the chatbot.