About Repetitive RPA process

My process is looping when they have an exception in Process State. It returns to Init State by every exception and starts from the beginning. in Config variables ; MaxRetryNumber is zero, RetryNumberGetTransactionItem is zero, RetryNumberSetTransactionStatus is zero. Why can this be? My other processes stop when error occured.


Ideally as per RE Framework when there is a system exception occurs the process closes all applications and go to initialize again that is expected

if you dont want that then remove that transition and keep it to end process…or anywhere else you think it is ideal


Yep, it goes for a fresh start of applications in case of system exceptions, so it can go and pick up a new item from the queue for processing with a fresh application to start with.


Hi @Hulya_Cetinkaya

It’s possible that you have implemented a retry mechanism or a loop that restarts the process from the beginning on any exception. Review the control flow of your workflow and make sure that exceptions are properly handled and do not result in a loop back to the Init state.

Also, if your process is designed as a state machine, ensure that the transition conditions between states are correctly configured. It’s possible that there is a transition condition that is triggering a loop back to the Init state when an exception occurs. Review the conditions and ensure that they are properly set to proceed to the appropriate state after an exception.


Hi @Hulya_Cetinkaya

Are you using queue items?
Is there any retry number given in there?