About Practical Exam

Hello, i’m having problem with the Practical Exam, l already waste all 3 attempts, every time the fail criteria is missing file or user
l am uploading the whole uipath project in a .zip file, l don’t know what am doing wrong

Hey @kevinymg

Can you show a screenshot of the full message that you are getting when you submit the solution to the certification platform…?

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And when this happened the second time l contact them and they said this

l checked what they said, but still not working
Gotta try again, maybe l missed something


As you said, you completed all 3 attempts. Now you have to buy voucher for extra attempts to finish this test and get certification.

l already ask for 3 more attempts, and l have them now, so my question is, the file l have to compress is the whole project folder, right?
Because it seems like it is not recognizing the .zip file


It will recognise zip file and that is not an issue. Please make sure you zip entire project folder and uploaded it.

l think l know what’s the problem
l’ll try again, if it doesn’t work l’ll talk to support


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