About messaging who robot send to Orchestrator

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I was reading about architecture and stuff, and i still didn’t really understand in what format, log are pushed to orchestrator, and what protocal is really used (look like api rest, or messaging), anyway i need help… The manual is clearly explained and completed, but i’m to novice for really understand i’m sorry

Thank for your advice.


Hi, information about how logs are handled by the robot is there Robot Logs
. They are sent through HTTP calls to the Log endpoint of the Orchestrator API. If you want detail check here Lisez-moi , Uipath docs is pretty straightforward and even explain other concept to understand it fully :).

Thank a lot @Smixi !
Like i said, i’m totaly agreed with you about the fact uipath’s docs is totaly straighforward, but i’m really beginner about those thing (HTTP Call, different system of log messaing etc) :sweat_smile: . But you find me another page i didn’t read, thank again :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad to help you :). If you have further question do not hesitate to post again ;).

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