About Messaging Activity under Microsoft.Activities Package

Found Messaging activity consisting of Http Post,Get, tokens and all(Refer Image).

Please help with how to implement them properly since I want to make provision for sending SMS to phone number during exception.

Since, I found service of Twilio was suspended I am unable to do it.Please advice some way to get this done.!

I believe this is no longer supported.


I don’t know if this will help, but most phone carriers have a way to send your phone number an email and it comes in as text.
For example,

Once the text comes in, you can also reply to it and it replies back to the email that sent it.

Here is a list of all the carriers:

hey @ClaytonM , thanks :grinning: for help.

If I go for its implementation, can u give some more details in step-wise manner?
Thank u in advance… !!

No problem.
If you just test it from your email you can see if it works. For example, send an email to yourphonenumber@carrierdomain.com using the domain for your carrier and you should see a text come in.

The steps needed in UiPath are simply one of the Send Email activities.


We have achieved this using one of the domain carrier service from Vodafone operator.
To be more precise vodafone use to offer a service called as vodafone NMA sevice.

you need to activate this service and send mail as PhoneNumber@vodafoneNMA.com
And it will send that email body as a text message to the respective PhoneNumber used as a prefix in the sent mail.